Welcome from the Principal: Ms Keung Yuen Kwan, Agnes

It is my great honour to be the Principal of the school, which is always held with high regard in the community, in nurturing young leaders to realize their multiple talents and have holistic development.

In the 21st Century, young people are facing a world which is globally connected and at the same time competitive locally and regionally. These complexities and challenges, which are very different from the previous ones in older generations, have been posing upon our younger generations, who shall get themselves well prepared and equipped in schooling for their future life and career. This is the mission of all schools, hence the accountability of teachers and principals.

In Ho Lap College, we are committed to an education that fully develops the potentials of these aspiring young people, by stressing learning skills such as analytic thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration. With a well-balanced curriculum, we groom our students to be healthy, intelligent and happy citizens with integrity, benevolence, sincerity and vision.

No school is an island. The school, with all its stake-holders, has been joining hands in providing quality education to our students, and working towards shaping the growth of students to becoming leaders, and this is our tradition that we are proud of today and tomorrow.

Welcome to Ho Lap College!